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Gender: Male
Species: WaCoin
Death: Killed once by Splat Tim.
Likes: Killing. Just...killing.
Dislikes: When people run away from him; Yoylecake; WaFries
Occupation: BEING EVIL.
Known For: Killing almost everyone
UnRank: -9839839929290

WaCoiny is a wa-version of Coiny. He is MORE EVIL THAN THE REGULAR ONE!!!! Run if YOU SEE HIM, CAUSE HE'S GONNA GET YOU! Wario found Coiny, so he threw him into the Wa-Machine. Out came this monster. He killed WaWaWaTinky-Winky once. Splat Tim killed him once, but WaCoiny respawned.

He ate Yoylecake once, but the effect on him got cured. He said to himself, "I would NOT eat that again!". He will not eat anymore Yoylecake. He will kill anything.