WaChuck Norris

The muscle is actually 69+31% fat.

WaChuck Norris is a Wa-version of Chuck Norris made in 2012. As such, he is the opposite of Chuck Norris, making him one of the weakest things in existence. Even Sandbag can kill WaChuck Norris.

How WaChuck Norris Came To Be

He was created when Wario kidnapped bribed Chuck Norris and threw him in the Wa-Machine. Everybody thought this would make a more powerful Chuck Norris, but it actually made a really weak version of Chuck Norris - barely stronger than Norris Chuck. For unknown reasons, he was immediately teleported to the WaUnMultiverse before Chuck Norris could kill him, weird...

Powers of WaChuck Norris

  • Ability to fail at everything
  • Respawn
  • Exit to menu
  • Nothing else
  • Fail at Nothing else
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