WaChuck Norris

WaChuck Norris is a Wa-version of Chuck Norris. As such, he is nearly twice as strong as Chuck is.

You know what that means.


WaChuck Norris could be the most evil thing ever imagined.

How WaChuck Norris Came To Be

He was created when Wario kidnapped Chuck Norris, and threw him in the Wa-Machine. This was a mistake.

Powers of WaChuck Norris

  • WaRoundhouse Kick
  • WaBeard Punch
  • Galaxy Destruction
  • Laser Blast
  • Telekinesis
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Psychokinesis
  • Regenerative Body
  • Zalgo Corruption
  • Mindr@pe
  • Omniverse Implosion
  • Mass Hypnosis
  • WaEpic Blast


  • WaChuck Norris is not located in the UnMultiverse anymore. He found a way to travel through parallel multiverses, and crushing them as well.
  • His UnRank cannot be counted, but uncountable estimation puts it in the Aleph Aleph Aleph...Aleph (67 Alephs) 70, far exceeding that of his normal counterpart.
  • He could be more powerful than any Undefeatable combined.
  • DO NOT compare him to a Mary-Sue in his face (that is, if you're near him). He will kill you.
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