WaBlack Frost
WaBlack Frost is t-hee ho SUPER EVIL HEE HO who tried to tak-hee ho-ver the Frost Dimension using an army of Black Frosts. Hee is the Wa-versi-ho-n of Black Frost. He's not v-hee-ry smart because he l-ho-st the Frost Dimensi-hee ho-n War and was appr-hee-hended and sent t-ho WaJail. Unlike all the other frosts except King Frost, there is only 1 WaBlack frost in existance.

In the process of being Wa-ified he gained the ability to get a lot of influential pow-hee-r and a little bit of physical p-ho-wer too. However this did not change his inability to be even basic at a war, relying heavily on strength over wits. Hee cann-ho-t actually do anything dangerous let hee al-ho-ne slay King Frost.

UnAnything: The Series

He d-he-buts in the first epis-ho-de of Season 2, this hee is als-ho the last episode where he appears in.

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