WaBilly Mays is a Cheese puking thing from Hell. He is a love-child of Mr. Key and WaHillary Clinton, and tries to lure people into his trap via telling the children that if they follow him they will get Eggs, but instead, he uses them in a recipe for Oxiclean, first, he will kill the children, then, he will extract intestines, blood, bones and anything till there muscle is left. He puts them in a cement mixer and after a few hours, they are deposited into a cauldron, where he adds food coloring and the eggs they desire (with shells,) and does other stuff to make sure nobody gets suspicious, like remove smell, soak it in soap, etc. It is now ready for him to sell. Nobody has ever noticed, and thats a good thing, as we all love it.

But wait, since You read this you know the secret!

WaBilly Mays is also a quasi-Undefeatable, meaning that he is not quite Undefeatable. His weaknesses include soap scum, NEDM, Chuck Norris, Awphysaur, and NaN. However, contrary to popular belief, Vesta is not one of these weaknesses. In fact, WaBilly Mays can slice through Vesta with ease, but only vertically. Vesta is also weak to the UnBillyAble Hammer and its variants.

WaBilly Mays is a well-known omniversal traveller.

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