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WaBenson character.png
He looks awesome.... and scary
Gender: Male ♂
Hair color: He's a gumball machine, he doesn't even have any hair
Eye color: White
Species: Wa-creature, Gumball machine
Home: WaPark
Death: NEVER!
AKA: The Eviler Benson
Likes: To rule the whole universe
Dislikes: None
Education: None
Occupation: Killing people
Known For: To be the most undefeated Wa-creature
UnRank: 9000000000000
" I am WaBenson, destroyer of everything! "

WaBenson is the Wa version of Benson. He is one of the most strongest Bensons ever created. He was created by Po as a gift for her pal Benson.


He is a park keeper and owns storage for greenhouse gases (which is his head). He launches greenhouse gum at the park, causing wildfires. He always accepts audits and will always kicks Don's butt to say not to fix the park.

He lives in a mansion and made sure that it is secluded from any other living creature on Earth. One time a traveling Bible salesman knocked on his door, so he blew him up with a grenade launcher. Afterwards, he went to his house and threw greenhouse gum at it. It became so hot in the house that it caught fire.

WaBenson jumped into the Wa-Machine again and created WaWaBenson, because he likes all things evil. However, he made a UnWaClone of himself to help Benson, so there's still a WaBenson.


He likes killing people and everything that is a living creature. Yes, including a plant or a bacteria. He wants to rule the whole universe. He always threathens people by killing them so he can get what he wants. WaBenson is also planning to create an organization for all Wa-creatures.

He is a brilliant Wa-creature that's why he is the most successful Wa-creature in the Wa-world. 


Venomous acids

He can spit venomous acids. He only uses it during battle.


It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope, it's Chuck Testa WaBenson.


Just like Bowser he can also use fireballs.


WaBenson can teleport from one place to another. Fortunately, WaBenson doesn't uses it anymore because everytime he teleports he uses his UnRank energies to teleport. So everytime he teleports, his Unrank is decreasing that will make him weak.