WaAsplode Asplode Tinky Winky, also known as WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaTinky Winky, is the result of MountWario joining the WaTinky Winky Craze WaAsplode Asplode Asplode Tinky Winky making a clone of himself, and then unasploding himself. Theoretically he is the wa-form of Asplode Asplode Tinky Winky, and will probably be thrown into a Wa-Machine again to make WaWaAsplode Asplode Tinky Winky.

History and Origin

One day in Teletubby Land, WaAsplode Asplode Asplode Tinky Winky was feeling very distraught and jaded with life. He had no friends and nobody loved him. Instead of committing suicide by trying to roundhouse kick the all-mighty Chuck Norris, he instead decided to pass the suffering on by cloning himself, and then unasploding himself to fill in the missing link in Tinky Winky Evolution and to also be happier with life.


It is currently unknown what WaAsplode Asplode Tinky Winky looks like, due to the fact we don't know for sure what the regular Asplode Asplode Tinky Winky looks like.

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