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" It's been five weeks already you need to do them or else you will DIE! "
" Maybe later. "

I think a resonance cascade will happen if you throw Tinky Winky in there too much.

The Wa-Machine 2.0 is an upgrade of the Wa-Machine that Wario and Ruigi made after Wario wanted to make WaClones faster and quicker, and Ruigi wanted to make a really cool, eviler device. Whenever someone gets too close to the LAZOR, it makes a WaRuiji (Japanese for evil doppelganger) of that person. I think you get the point already, they're gonna be another evil wa-guy. If something with too much energy is inserted to the Wa-Machine 2.0, WaRui can be able to create portals. However nothing only one thing truly spectacular has come from this.

It can also wa-ify people (is wa-ify even a word?)


One day Wario was walking in the woods and all of the sudden WaWaWaWaWaTinky Winky dropped by to ask if there was a way to become even more wa without asploding. So Wario put up a bunch of ads for guys who want to contribute their machine and combine it with to make a brand new version of the Wa-Machine. NintenDON'T initially came to Wario's door, however they couldn't agree on royalties and so nothing came from that. A few days later Ruigi would drop by with some weird corrupted coffee machine called the Negative Zone Machine, and so with an agreed upon 70/30 split between both parties they would develop the Wa-Machine 2.0.


It appears briefly in Full-Life but doesn't contribute to the plot in any significant way. It's mainly there for show.


Some scholars say that the current Wa-Machine 2.0 will upgrade itself to a Wa-Machine 3.0 when a non-standard specimen is added. Or perhaps they think that way because of stupid science fiction shames.

Ok maybe they're right because Asplode Asplode Asplode Tinky Winky is the Wa-Machine 3.0 and a resonance cascade did happen, but that doesn't matter.

Mass-produced versions

You can get "construct thy own Wa-Machine 2.0" kits directly from WarioWare, Inc. They're ten times as expensive as the "build your own Wa-Machine" kits, however barely anyone bought 1.0 kits because this version was promised to be $100. WarioWare, Inc. was able to not be sued because "We thought it was going to be 1,000 times cheaper but the aluminum wasn't a good insulator."


All these can be toggled using the app "Wa-Machine Configurator." You can also set a password with the app, as well as set where a clone ends up, and combine settings. There are over three times as many setting in 2.0 than in 1.0:

  • Clone: The Wa-Machine 2.0 makes an exact copy of whoever is near the laser. Can be combined with literally every option, and uncombined with Light Clone and Dark Clone to just get Light and Dark, which doesn't sound very interesting.
  • Wa-ify: The Wa-Machine 2.0 makes whoever is near the laser and adds 3.33% WaRui to them. Notable examples can be found here. An old bug of after the 5th wa-ification is there'd be an Asplode, which got fixed. When the settings Wa-ify and Clone are combined, the result is a WaClone.
  • +Clone: Like WaClone, but the same colour (most of the time, at least). Enhances.
  • -Clone: Downgrades, does nothing else.
  • Asplode: Adds 6 layers of Wa to a person. Most subjects with this amount of Wa added suffer from a transformation, and so usually these guys are referred to as Asplode X.
  • An actual Wa-ification: When this thing called """creativity""" is added into the machine, it makes guys like Boshi instead of WaYoshi, and Black Frost instead of WaJack Frost. It is unknown how much WaRui is injected into the end result, however it must be much smaller than a normal wa-ification due to a lack of significant power increase.
  • Undo: Basically can revert any specific changes above, like being able to make Bowarigi from WaBowarigi by taking out 3.33% WaRui.
  • Negative Zone: The Wa-Machine 2.0 uses the power within to value-invert of whoever happens to be near the laser.
  • Light Clone: The Wa-Machine 2.0 first negative zones, then wa-ifies in the process of making the clone. The clone is a pure-at-heart version of that person, think of Shirokuma.
  • Dark Clone: The Wa-Machine 2.0 first wa-ifies, then negative zones in the process of making the clone. The clone is a corrupted version of that person, think of Kurokuma.


It sometimes spouts out black ooze, and white ooze. The black ooze involuntarily corrupts people into making a Dark Clone of themselves, while the light ooze involuntarily blesses people into forming a good twin:). The Mario Brothers, Captain 0, and Captain 1 have all been affected by this phenomenon creating Evil Mario, Evil Luigi, Evil Captain 0, and Good Captain 1.