Wa-Guys are people who were created in the Wa-Machine by Wario when he wanted slaves. They are often not loyal to Wario, though. Examples of Wa-Guys are WaPo and WaMario. If you throw a Wa-Guy into the Wa-Machine, you will create a WaWa-Guy. If you throw the WaWaGuy into the Wa-Machine, you will create a WaWaWa-Guy, and so on.

Wamachien -0

The Wa-Machine. Isn't it lovely?


Wa-Guys look very strange. They often are identical to whoever is put in the Wa-Machine, but negative-colored. But if it has 2 or more Wa's in the name, it will look slightly different. They are very strange creatures indeed.



WaTinky-Winky. Notice how he is just a negative-colored Tinky-Winky.



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