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WARIOLAND Fartsquax-Hotbox Hotel is a shame developed as a joint-effort between Nintendo and WarioWare, Inc. and is a limited time release for Nintendo's Witch. To sell more copies, the shame was only available to purchase from September 6th 2020 all the way through September 13th. This shame cannot be ordered anymore unfortunately, but you used to be able to buy it at the official website for $99, with shipping taking anywhere from 1-5 days. During this time when the shame was availible supplies sold out fast, and during it's lifespan you had to go buy this shame off of the second-to-third hand markets if ever wished to experience it.


The shame is an enhanced port of one of Wario's greatest achievement; Wario Land 4 on the Game Boi Advance. Audio is as fantastic as ever, and sounds exactly like the timeless classic you remember. It is an almost faithful 100% not emulated port running at a resolution of 1620x1080 nearest neighbor filtering in TV mode, and at 4.5x scaling in handheld mode without any pillarboxing.

The exact figure included

Wario Figure

Additional functionality and features for the most part come from the Wario Figure included, the main gimmick of the product. The figure comes with advanced AI React to in-shame actions and respond to on-and-off-screen stimuli and emit Wario Joy-Gas™ accordingly. Another thing it can do is internal program adaptation for better user-experience, which is a fancy way of saying something Nintendo's Lawyers have not allowed us to discuss.


WARIOLAND Fartsquax-Hotbox Hotel Trailer

WARIOLAND Fartsquax-Hotbox Hotel Trailer


Wario knew hackers would try and preserve the shame, and so added a whole slew of added extra security features to make cracking impossible. Such features include the shame altering it's executable during startup, Denuvo Anti-Tamper, as well as both inside the cassette and Wario Figure are explosives hooked up to custom chips that after manufacturing, can detect tampering of the product and explode, as well as self-detonate 7 days after being primed, with all copies ceasing to exist on September 20th 2020.

Nostalgia-Fever Season Pass Deluxe Expansion Pack

Like most great shames, this one got payed downloadable content because the companies don't get the same money they used to because of inflation. This DLC extends the duration of play to a week adding purchase time by temporarily undoing the self-destruction. It was only available for purchase from 3:59PM PST to 4:14PM PST for the retail price of $59.99USD, plus $25USD shipping and handling for the extra set of Wario gas canisters. However if you are within a country part of the United Nations, it may be illegal for you to purchase this; and your extra set of Wario gas canisters are likely to expire before you receive them.

New features

  • Sound Test
  • HD Fart Rumble


In-shame screenshot

Wario Ratings rated it an SVG for being an enhanced port of the already great shame Wario Land 4, as well as Wario owning that company too, and said the price was cheep.

PEGI and the ESRB were so appalled by this shame, they refused to give it a rating stating and this shame got both banned in the United States of UnAmerica and Europe, with representatives Dr. Robotnik from PEGI and Hulk Hogan from ESRB both simultaneously stating "Nobody should play this."

Squadala Ratings gave it 17+ due to safety concerns.

Biased Ratings with a little extra money rated the shame "THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVAR INVENTED!"

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