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Cleverly done, Mr. Freeman, but you're not supposed to be here. As a matter of fact... you're not. Get back where you belong, and forget about all this; until we meet again.


Try again?

Before you read, don't you think it's a bit rude to snoop on someone who's watching?

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This isn't even a problem. Deal with it.

W.D. Gaster is a dude who exists. 1, 2, Oatman. He is all that remains of a once powerful nation. (showtime). W.D. Gaster is also G-Man's co-worker, fun fact. An error has occurred. Turn the Power Off and check the Nintendo Shamecube Instruction Booklet for further instructions. The Game Boi® PLAYER is not connected. Please turn the power off and connect a GAME BOY® PLAYER. Firefox and iPhone don't like displaying wingdings LLL

W.D. Gaster
C'est lui.
Full name: W.D. Gaster
Eye color: Noir
Species: Skeletron Prime
Weight: 69 Kilograms
Death: Redacted
AKA: The one behind you, with the creepy smile.
Occupation: Professional Spookyman
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UnRank: Redacted


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Try again?


Try again?


Try again?

Wario shittypasta

It was a rainy night, which is pretty common where I live. I had just gotten a new game from target with my allowance money; It was Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. I was the happiest kid in the world getting a brand new game, I opened it and put it in however my gameboy was dead from playing Kirby's Dreamland, there weren't any batteries in the car so I had to wait. We had gotten back home but I still needed to put the batteries into my gameboy. It took about 5 minutes but my dad finally found batteries. I was so eager to play, it was 4 months since I had last gotten a game. The title screen showed up and I went into the first pipe by accident. I got into the first level after pressing every button. As you can probably guess I'm pretty bad at Mario games and the goomba got me. I retried the level and died in the exact same way. However that goomba looked a bit depressed. Was he pitying me? Probably it was my hyper-active imagination. Anyhoo I finally got past him and then died to the koopa. I retried and got to the part with the heart under the bricks. I forgot how to do the spin jump and ran out of time mashing the buttons hoping for something to work. I started the level again. The goomba was telling me "GO BACK" and there was blood and gore everywhere; the visuals were beyond the levels of the gameboy, there was a vivid red which no other game had. The villain Wario appeared suddenly from the left with a butcher's knife and with a crazed look in his eyes. He began to chase Mario. I tried running away but Wario kept getting closer to me. I attempted to jump on his head but Mario began running on his own. I couldn't help but watch Wario chopping off Mario's head. gushing horrendous amounts of blood everywhere. I was Petrified at what I have just witnessed and couldn't even scream, my lungs were too weak. The text GAME OVER was on the screen, was Mario dead forever?

Game Theory- Who is W.D. Gaster? (Undertale)

Do not research.

The first pipe was blocked with bricks; I was forced to go into the B pipe and this time I was playing as Kirby for some reason. I flew up and up, and up into space where Wario couldn't get me but Wario was up there and flew his plane right into kirby. His body was brutally grinded by the turbines and gore spewed out the other side. Wario was laughing while this was happening. Wario turned to the screen and said through the speakers "I'm-a Wario BITCH! I can kill-a you too!" I was trembling and my legs were paralyzed; I could not stand up. Wario turned his plane towards the screen, getting closer and closer. I smashed the toy on the floor before Wario could murder me. A fire had started and was getting bigger. My bedroom before my eyes was being engulfed in flames and I jumped out of the window fracturing my collarbone and twisting my ankle. The fire sprinklers went off however the damage was already done; my sister and father burned alive from my selfishness trying to escape Wario. This is why you never play Mario games from Target.
Game over.png
* [redacted]

This guy has been blocked from reality for breaking the Rouxls of Stuff; and therefore, his creation has killed him. It's all fun and games until someone breaks the rules, and you, dear Visitor, have stopped being our friend.
Game over.png
Please take this opportunity to smell the pain and understand what you did to Kris was wrong, though still a little shaky. fhuehfuehfuehfuheufhe If you still have access, you can contact the administrator that blocked you to discuss your block. To see how long your block lasts, visit your contributions page. You can remove this template once you've become unblocked.
Snoopingas usual I see?