Cquote1.png You don't have those kinds of power..... Cquote2.png
  —Vortex, trying (and succeeding) to be cool.

Vortex, when he's feeling minimalist.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Gray helmet
Eye color: Red visor
Species: Robot
Home: Southern Brazil
AKA: Aaaiiirrr
Likes: Air stuff
Dislikes: Detection
Education: NA
Occupation: Air Ninja Helicopter Transformer
Known For: Being the first elemental Transformer

Vortex is one of the five components of Bruticus Maximus, he forms the left arm.

Vortex is also a ninja.

He turns into an attack helicopter, hence deciding to pursue the Element of Air.

He's a jerk on 4chan. For example, he posted propaganda. I think. Also, he hacks stuff.

He lives up to his name, because people got shocked when they saw him do air-related things, especially creating a tornado.

He joined the Teletubby Army, and gained new friends like Alt 2.0SalamenceFlower, and even Dipsy.

Vortex says he's a "satanist", but Googolplex rejected him from his empire because he hates him. He never liked him anyways.

Sometimes, he'll randomly turn good for a while. This can happen during his sleep, when he's part of Bruticus, or even when he's in the bathroom.

He once died after being torn apart by Patrick Star, but he later got revived by the god known as Thanos via the time stone. Vortex is also the eighty-fourth member of the Infinity Army chronologically.

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