Is that Voo-Voo?

Voo-Voo is a vacuum for the Telotubs and rival of Noo-Noo, which is the vacuum for the Teletubbies. He was created when Tonky Wonky Wanted to try and invent something, because they were all jealous of Dipsy, a green scientist. So Tonky Wonky set to work making something. Eventually, Tonky was finished. His creation looked like Noo-Noo So he kept it and declared it rival of Noo-Noo. Although Voo-Voo is better than Noo-Noo cleaning up Telotub Land. They suck each other up sometimes. Voo-Voo Cleans up Tub Tower and Telotub Land but often gets distracted by Yaa-Yaa Doing stupid things. He likes Doopsee telling him his smartness and what he knows. He sometimes sucks the Telotubs, especially Do, up. He likes to chat with Do a lot, with the both of them plotting to attack Po and Noo-Noo.


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