Voice Trumpet

Po: This thing must be destroyed!!

Voice Trumpets are things that pop out of the ground and tell the Teletubbies their destructive missions. But, they sometimes can be annoying. Sometimes, Dipsy destroys them with a Grenade. They pop out in Teletubby Land randomly - it is unknown how they do so, but they just do. Because they were created by the Mother Teletubby, the only way of knowing is to ask her. They are the most awesome annoying things in Teletubby Land. Tinky Winky sometimes smashes them for telling him things that are more annoying than the Talking Flowers and Annoying Orange.

Teletubbies' thoughts on them

Each Teletubby either likes or hates them, mostly for saying something that's not their mission at all.

  • Tinky Winky - Finds them very annoying and he absolutely hates them.
  • Dipsy - Finds them only a little annoying. To him, they're fun!
  • Laa-Laa - LOVES them, she likes them telling her stuff
  • Po - Po thinks they're VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY ANNOYING! She wants to break every trumpet in the land.
  • Thumper - Likes them. We don't know why.
  • Doddy - He hated them back when he was a Teletubby, so he melted one of them.
  • Noo-Noo - Hates them because they don't understand the weird noises he makes.
  • Alt 2.0 - Hates them because they jumpscare the Teletubbies. She kinda has a small rivalry with them because she's supposed to be the scary one.
  • Eho - Loved them because their voices would soothe him.
  • Mother Teletubby - Loves them! If it weren't for her, they wouldn't even exist!
  • Mumu - Hated every single one of them. Once, he ripped one out of the ground and punched it until it broke.
  • Aya - Likes to ride them.
  • Ruggut - Hates them because they almost got him killed once. He likes shooting them with Golden Gun to make them asplode.

Teletubbies' reactions

Po when asked about Voice Trumpets
Cquote1 OMG. Those things are hilarious. Cquote2
Dipsy, when asked about Voice Trumpets
Cquote1 These are more annoying than the Annoying Orange! AUGH! Cquote2
Tinky Winky's reaction to a swarm of voice trumpets playing bass-boosted Rickroll
Cquote1 Tell me more! Cquote2
Laa-Laa's reaction to a voice trumpet

Cquote1 I want them all dead! Cquote2
Mumu's reaction when somebody talked about Voice Trumpets
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