The abominations of Vlasic Pickles

Vlasic Pickles is an international Pickle hunting and sales company. They hunt down pickles, put them in jars, and sell them to hungry humans. They are sick and twisted, and they kill for money! Then again, everyone does. They do, I do, EVEN YOU DO!


Vlasic Pickles was founded by Vlasic in 1734. It was founded shortly after Vlasic got into the pickle hunting business. It was an immediate success, as people love an excuse to discriminate, even by eating pickles. Vlasic Pickles started in UnAmerica and Canada, but it quickly spread to Evil Land, Pac-Land and eventually the world.

Vlasic Pickles was a notable cause of the Second Pickle War. A few years after its creation, Vlasic Pickles killed so many pickles, they started to become endangered. during the war, Vlasic Pickles was a primary front for the Pickle Land Rebels and all other Anti-Pickle people.

After the war, Vlasic Pickles suffered some hardship, as they couldn't get to pickles easily. They almost went bankrupt, but Vlasic kidnapped Theodore Pickleson, and he eventually let Vlasic Pickles kill pickles in return for his own life.

Vlasic Pickles is once again the most successful pickle company, as well as one of the most successful food-making companies in the entire world. They are still led by Vlasic, but if anything were to happen to him, Nobody would be in charge.

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