Vlasic's Pickles


Vlasic in the flesh.

is an infamous bird most well known for being a Pickle hunter. He has no heart, (Unlike The Grinch, who has only a very small heart) so he has no problem with killing innocent creatures, slicing them up, throwing them in a jar, and selling them for a few dollars a jar. He is currently wanted in several countries.
CGI Stork

Vlasic about to torture a poor pickle.


Vlasic was born in Africa in 1695. He traveled around Africa much during his childhood, and his father taught him how to hunt using a Shotgun. Vlasic, deciding that common animals are not fun enough of a target, started shooting larger, more difficult targets.

When he was thirty, he accidentally shot an innocent pickle and decided he loved shooting pickles. And he loved eating them too. He started running around killing pickles everywhere he saw them. Oh, what fun! The pathetic little pickles were completely helpless! Vlasic eventually opened his own pickle company called Vlasic Pickles. He actually SOLD dead pickles for people to eat!

During the First Pickle War, Vlasic worried his pickle hunting might come to an end, so he used stealth to break into Pickle City, and on the Pickle Rights papers, he slipped in a part that made it only apply to humans. Nobody saw this.

About a decade later, the Second Pickle War took place, and Vlasic was unanimously chosen to be the leader in the anti-pickle groups. He fought in many battles during this war, and took a bullet in his wing (later healed). He eventually lost the war, and ALL non-pickles were banished from Pickle Land. He solved this problem by kidnapping Theodore Pickleson, and forcing him to repeal this law.

Vlasic now continues to kill pickles, and sell them.


  • Vlasic is psychotic, power hungry, psychotic, insane, delusional, psychotic, feathery and psychotic.
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