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Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin with his pet Leopard

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Species: Human
Home: New Moscow. Non-Soviet Russia
Death: Still alive
AKA: Vladimir Putin of Non-Soviet Russia
Likes: To rule Russia
Dislikes: Cheese
Education: Unknown
Occupation: Prime Minister of Non-Soviet Russia
Religion: Orthodox Christianity
Known For: Exiling Pedobear, bringing the Olympic Games to Russia, being the president of Soviet Russia
UnRank: 21232


Cquote1 Did somebody say Real Power? Cquote2
Vladimir Putin while visiting Ducky

Vladimir Putin is the crazy prime minister of Non-Soviet Russia. Like most great world leaders, he takes politics as a joke, and is responsible for the exile of Pedobear from Russia. Putin was elected prime minister in 2000 & 2012 (AT THE SAME TIME) because he rigged the elections.


Many people have doubts on Vladimir Putin's early life, but many believe he was born in the East of Soviet Russia. As a child, he enjoyed riding bears, eating snails, taming leopards, and catching Pokemon. At the age of 12, Vladimir Putin became a Pokemon Trainer and traveled across Siberia catching rare Pokemon. At the age of 14.5, he somehow caught a Mewtwo at full health.

Putin continued as a trainer until the age of 19, when some bandits stole his Mewtwo. Many believe these bandits to be Team Rocket Russia, but most people think that that idea is stupid. Outraged by the heist, Putin ordered his other 9001 Pokemon to find Mewtwo, so he released them to do that. But his Pokemon just ran away, and didn't bother looking for Mewtwo.

Entry into politics

At the age of 25, Vladimir moved to the glorious capital of Russia, Moscow. Here he saw great things, such as Boris Yeltsin's anti-communist propaganda. This is when Putin really began to feel LIKE A BOSS. He decided to become a dictator president, so he began campaigning.

Despite his campaigning, using techniques learned from Sara Palin, Nobody voted for Putin (weird since Nobody isn't Russian???), which made him sad. Later that year, Putin opened a bar in New Moscow that sold lotsa Vodka. Using the money he made from the bar, Putin campaigned more. But still nobody voted for him (this is probably because the only person on the voting ballot was Boris Yeltsin, and Andrew Jackson)

Rise to power

Realising that presidency could not be legitimately and fairly won, Vladimir Putin decided to rig the next elections. When word of this got to Yeltsin, he decided to rig the elections as well. In the end, Putin won the elections, with 50.000000000000001% of the votes. This Putin became the prime minister of Non-Soviet Russia! After this he became super fat and walked around or something

Wide Putin Walking (actual full version)

Wide Putin Walking (actual full version)

Here's footage of the amazing event


  • Vladimir Putin is Russian for Vladimir Putin
  • He has 10 pet bears, 45 pet tigers, 122 pet lions, 9001 pet Yoshis, 665 pet leopards, 42 pet dragons and 19999919911 kittens
  • Weegee has nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize
  • He amended the Russian constitution 888 times
  • He brought the Olympic Games to Russia
  • Bowser is his closest ally
  • He exiled Pedo Bear from Russia
  • Giygas sued him for a leopard because he had 666 leopards.
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