I virtual

The Virtual Boy (called the Virtual Man by the manly guys, and Virtual Doyee by Homer Simpson and his version) was a shaming system created by Nintendo in 1942. It was made to compete with the Nintendo UnEntertainment System (even though the same company made both). The Virtual Boy was the second biggest shame failure of all time, with only the NUS being worse.

The Virtual Boy was created while Shigeru Miyamoto was trying to do bad to do good. Nobody understands this, but he did it anyways. He made the Virtual Boy so he could keep failing, which would make him successful. He failed when he made this, but it did not make him successful, because his logic was stupid.

The Virtual Boy hit shelves five minutes after Miyamoto decided he wanted a successor to the Nintendo UnEntertainment System. He used his magic powers to make that happen. The Virtual Boy stayed on store shelves for about three weeks before it was banned by the UnUnited Nations. It should have been banned faster, but they were too busy arguing over what kind of pizza to order during their meeting.

The Virtual Boy is most well known for being the first virtual-reality shaming system ever made. It is also the most crappiest virtual-reality shaming system ever made, and the last. What you do, it you put the mind control headset on, and you look into the goggles. Then, all of your favorite shames come to life!

However, it does not work that way. In reality, you can only play one shame on it. This shame is The Adventures of Virtual Boy. Also, the virtual reality feature does not work either. It just flashes a bunch of red and white lights in front of your eyes.

The Virtual Boy was often criticized for lots of side affects. These include: Blindness, seizures, explosions, zombieafication, Dancing Disorder, Bored to Death, and randomly having your face falling off. OVER 9000 people sued Nintendo, but Phoenix Wright defended Nintendo, so they easily got away with it.

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