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Cquote1 You need some smelly eggs in your life, Sans Cquote2
Vinny, to Sans the skeleton


Full name: Vincenzo "Vinny/Vinesauce" Pizzapasta
Gender: Male
Hair color: Greasy
Eye color: Windows to a dead soul
Age: middle 30's
Birthdate: the ronald reagan decade
Species: Human(?)
Home: Long Island (disputed between UnAmerica, Vineland, and Asgard, in that order)
Alive or Dead?: alive outside, dead inside
Death: torment
AKA: Binny, Binyot, VDubbz, Vinesauce
Likes: to be the ultimate gamer
Education: Average
Occupation: Dictator (formerly), Game Streamer
Religion: Jahn-ism
Known For: For being a gamer and influencer, absolutely nothing else.
UnRank: 90

Vincenzo "Vinny/Vinesauce" Pizzapasta is a video game live streamer turned imperial dictator turned video game live streamer and a depressed middle aged man from New York City of Italian descent.

He is a self described Influencer, Anime & Renaissance fair fanatic, and full blooded Gamer.


Vinny was born in the 1950's. His parents were fascist mafiosos who worked on a secret plan to get #1 victory royale in real life.

His parents wanted him to be evil, but he became sexually attracted to his super nintendo, diverting his destiny, if only temporarily.

In his free time he'd like to: play vidya, eat pant, and melt.

Eventually, he

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