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  —Vinnie, when questioned on forward reversal
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Vinnie the Canadian Engine
Vinnie, hailing from Canada
Gender: Male
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Black
Species: Train, a U-4-A
Weight: Yes
Home: Canada, later the Satanist Empire
AKA: "Poutine", "Man" (by the Norris family)
Likes: Bombing the Squadala Empire, Everything that was done with Antarctica
Dislikes: Thomas the Tank Engine
UnRank: -51,150

Vinnie the Canadian Engine is a dark-blue train hailing from Canada and visiting Sodor.

His Satanist years

Many months after the game of the "Great Railway Show", he looked into Satanism and started doing so. He was recommended to join the Satanist Empire by Spencer, and he thought that was a good idea. He introduced himself to Evil Captain 0, who is the leader of the Satanist Empire, and he said that he is buds with Spencer.

While at the Satanist Empire, he took Trumpism to a whole new level. He not only bashed on people from Mexico, India, Japan, any Arab nation, or Russia, but he also bashed every nation around the globe, even America. This makes him non-racist, contrary to popular belief. He was so republican he believed in god and then started to try and convert satanists to godism, then got expelled from their empire and wiped from all records relating to the empire. Whoops.


  • He is nearly the exact opposite of a Canadian.
  • This may be because he's actually Canuckistani.
  • He is Maddie Cástano in disguise.
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