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Victor Krabs (February 10, 1902 - December 25, 1995) was the former king of Bikini Bottom, the husband of Betsy Krabs and the abusive father of Mr. Krabs.


Victor was born in 1902 in Bikini Bottom. One day in 1938 Victor became the king of Bikini Bottom. After the previous king of Bikini Bottom died and since he was an only child and had no kids. Victor became king after a dna test revealed he had 000000000000000000000.1% of royalty in his blood.

Whether he did a good or bad job as King is up for debate in Bikini Bottom. Cause though he lowered taxes and ended homelessness. He was a casual racist against lobsters and was responsible for the great Bikini Bottom massacre and lifted a ban on Sea Snail meat and Sea Snail cooking.

Victor met a woman named Betsy and they had a one night stand. 9 months later Betsy showed up with Eugene in her arms and they were forced at chainsaw point to marry by her father Gwonam they had the worst marriage on record.

Victor was an extreme alcoholic, he had 16 liver transplants in his lifetime and all the alcohol he consumed caused health problems that eventually led to his death in 1995.

Throughout Eugene's childhood Victor would constantly beat him. Eugene being the idiot he is hasn't noticed the signs and whenever someone brings it up he shoots them with a handgun to defend his Father's honour.

Death and Aftermath

Victor died on Christmas Day 1995 from alcohol poisoning, he was 93 years old. Upon his death his son Eugene became king. Ever since his death Eugene has had a deep hatred for Christmas and even banned it in bikini bottom for 6 years. However he reluctantly decided to legalize Christmas again in 2001 after Squidward slapped him in the face and told him to get a grip.