Viacom Dauman
Viacom Dauman


Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue
Species: Fakegee
Home: Viacom Headquarters
Death: nope
AKA: Satan Jr.
Likes: Copyright
Dislikes: Youtube Poop
Occupation: Dictator of Viacom
Known For: Destroying Youtube Poop
UnRank: 100

Viacom is not a company, he is a Fakegee! (dun dun dun) Well, sure, he owns a company of the same name, but he is still a Fakegee! (dun dun dun) He is the son of Weegee and Awphysaur. He is a Fakegee that loves copyright. When he was a kid, he would kill anyone who used anything he made in their stuff. Today, he owns a company with the same name as him who's sole purpose is to destroy everything YTP related. He is the evil ruler of several TV icons like SpongeBob SquarePants. He also has a son named Philippe Dauman who does his evil bidding. His wife is Viacaizeh. He spends his days in Hell on his computer reporting videos with his content. Somewhere down the line he is allies with Shrek and Gru. During the events of the Third Undefeatable War, he teamed up with Ajit Pai as they both had the same purpose: to destroy the free internet as we know it. He also loves people getting people’s accounts terminated for copyright.
Viacom logo

The logo of his company.

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