Venice is a city where H4XXORS are said to lurk. It's so bad here, it's good!

Doge palace

Doge's palace, the source of all the doge madness.

About Venice

It is located in Italy and is filled with lots of water, so fish, sharks, dolphins, wild doges, nerds, etc can swim into the canals so hobos can eat them. There are also lots of old buildings, restaurants, and rotten pizzas. Recently, there has been a recent surge of H4XXORS in the city, and recently everyone has been getting their crusty behinds whipped by the recently. At least it isn't as horrendous as Lego City. Also, Bonzi Buddy caused this dirty place to be overrun by doges.

Places that are unfortunate enough to be in Venice

  • Doge's Palace (overrun by doges)
  • Some random bridge
  • A restaurant covered in Kraft Dinner
  • A canal filled with hobos fishing
  • The Sea (obviously)
  • Tons of trash cans
  • Place where birds poop
  • A butter restaurant
  • A delphinarium

Suspicious people lurking in venice

  1. Doge
  2. Flappy Bird
  3. Some dude peeing into a fish’s mouth
  4. A dude cursing in italian while scraping crusty salt off the floor
  5. A sauropod
  6. Seismo
  7. Every single one of the Power Rangers
  8. A bunch of doges with human eyes having a gay ol’ time swimming in one of the canals
  9. A suspiciously frisky dolphin in the same canal as the doges with human eyes
  10. Rudolph Smitler
  11. A dude repatedly yelling “PROMOTION
  12. Real Rainbow Dash
  13. 84 the Hedgehog
  14. Norton the Dog (sometimes)
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