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Vanillish's rollcall as PokeWhite.
Member 9 - Vanillish

Vanillish is PokeWhite of the Vast Pokeforce and serves as the "cryomaniac" of the group and in contrast to both Camerupt/PokeOrange and Houndoom/PokeBlack being major pyromaniacs. He's similar to both of them (Especially Camerupt).

His designated roman numeral is IX (9).

Vanillish always had, and was born with a cold soul and heart, pretty much like Ursaring/PokeBrown. Vanillish wasn't described as "cold-hearted" for nothing.

Unlike Camerupt/PokeOrange, Ursaring/PokeBrown, and Houndoom/PokeBlack, he is way too hyper, though negatively so, Vanillish is too hyper and excited to kill people and other Pokemon, pretty much like Electivire/PokeYellow and Gengar/PokeViolet.

He's hyper enough to kill people that he'll freeze everything around him in an entire room, or worse, everyone in an entire house that he's in. Much likely how Electivire/PokeYellow does that except electrify it.

Metagross/PokeBlue always approved whenever he froze ANYTHING to death.

Pretty much like Metagross/PokeBlue at least, he loves wrecking havoc, though he does so by FREEZING everything to death.

And just so he can freeze more things to death, he invites all his few ice-type buddies (That being Beartic/PokeIvory and Weavile/PokeJet), even if they're arrival is too late.

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