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(formally Brainwashing Valve) is a company that makes shames and sells them to all of the other companies. Valve is dedicated to World Domination through the use of shame-based mind control. So far, it's working. Fortunately, their only method of control is Idiot Manipulation, so some smart people are immune. Unfortunately, 99.999999% of humans are idiots, so most are not immune.

Valve first started out as a company that built various mind control and brainwashing devices. They made lotsa money doing this. Then they spend this money on their greatest creation yet: a video shame that brainwashes the player. In other words, they made a typical video shame. They decided to call it Full-Life. This shame became very popular, and Valve became famous as a shaming company. Deciding to go with this, they cut the word "Brainwashing" out of their name. They still brainwash people though.

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