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" !pu reag taht evom attoG "
  —The Vagineer battlecry. The only Terran Vagineer, the one this article is about, is no exception.
The Vagineer
Gender: Male
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Might not even have eyes...
Species: Abomination
Home: NA
AKA: Reenigav/reenigaV
Likes: Hacking stuff
Dislikes: Being hacked
Occupation: Hacker
Known For: Hacking games and shows
UnRank: -43,357

The Vagineer is an awful person (sort of) that makes rather creepy sounds that resemble talking.

He was also best friends with Snowball and T-1000, who are just as evil as the Vagineer himself.

Worse, he is one of the golden showers of the apocalypse HeeH


The Vagineer used to look exactly like the Engineer until he was attack by Heavy Weapons Guy. The Heavy ripped all his fingers off and stuffed a curium wrench down his throat, which horribly disfigured him.

He originated in 2008, and is still alive today as of 5016. He also created a "language" called "Vaginese", which is nothing more than backwards English.

He also equipped himself with a powerful gauntlet and shotgun.

He is also responsible for engineering the IPhone 666.

The Vagineer also was persuaded to make a hybrid of himself and a Scout-look-alike named "Scunt", who is just as weirdly brutal as the Vagineer himself.

He created and programed a combining robot made out of 4 car transformers, and 1 truck transformer, and gave it a personality. He named it Menasor. He did this just for the lulz. He got 666 h00mans afterwards as a reward. Suprisingly, Menasor is not "vagi".


Engineer Hates Vagineer

A typical encounter with the Vagineer.

Speaking of cloning himself, the only way you can find the real vagineer is that he is blue, and he was (formerly) in a conflict with Painis Cupcake (Later they became friends after they became members of the SGAIO) most of the time. Though sometimes he wears red just to sneak inside the Red team. While RED Vagineers exist, they have been eradicated on Earth. They exist in the Vagineer Desert, in Kittehlandia.

Current Activities


Painis Cupcake Vs Vagineer Demopan Vs Intelligent Heavy And Spyper

Both he and Painis Cupcake hate each other. This video also features Intelligent Heavy and Spyper (Allies of Painis Cupcake) battling against Demopan. This happened before the Source Freak Union was inaugrated.

The Vagineer is an experienced hacker. He spends most of his time hacking video games and other things, and adds rather creepy elements. He is famous for hacking The Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask and Spongebob Squarepants' TV show. He also hacked the 1984 Transformers cartoon and Team Fortress 2! He is the one who made Squidward commit suicide in some broadcasts.



He can be that scary, don't you know?

He also decided to find the technique of hiding, he can be hiding anywhere, even in your house, especially under your bed or closet.



Vagineer under the Bed

This gives an example of him being able to hide, even in one's own house.

Later, the Vagineer apologized to Painis Cupcake for all of the harmful things he's done to him and decided to work together to create even more chaos by joining the Source Freak Union.


Meet the Believable Vagineer

!reenigaV (elbaveileB) eht teeM

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