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Viacom is not responsible for any nightmares, death-defying visualisations or any bad daydreams caused by the V of Doom or what you see here!

V of Doom


The V of Doom is a very lame Viacom logo that plans to take over the world. At the end of about every freaking show Viacom owns, the V of Doom appears. It is a device created by Satan to shorten people's lives. Remember, do not be fooled that your favourite show is produced by another company. Viacom now distributes for every single company in the world. Recently, VID in Russia has bought Viacom to be it's co-distributor. If you hate Viacom then just give up on TV and pick up a real hobby, you television troublemakers!

Symptoms and Other Stuff

Exposure to the V of Doom may cause mental retardation, ear rapes, nightmares that stucks you, and anything else but happiness, satisfaction, etc. And it's all thanks to those hell hormones Satan has injected to each and every V of Doom. Then when it comes on TV, the V of Doom passes the hormones to you visually. AND as a bonus, you can get them in V tablets (Only in Satanic shops statewide)! The V of Doom consists of a giant blue V zooming up on a lavander background and "A Viacom Presentation" zooms in to a 5-note horn tune composed by Adolf Hitler. Once the "V" stops zooming in, your TV screen can (and will) break. In fact, in past cases, it has been rumored by technologists that after the V of Doom zoomed in and breaks TVs, it jumped out of the TV screens and violently attacked approximately 999,999 people worldwide. Fortunately, it isn't as common nowadays, but when it was common, it, its creators, and its composer were deemed not responsible for damage to TVs by a panel of Viacom's lawyers.

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