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The average VHS.

VHS (which stands for Very Hated Stuff) is a type of moving playing device. It was invented in 1804, and was common for centuries after that. However, in 1999, the DVD was invented, and in 2001, people started calling VHS "primitive" and "for cavemen".

The VHS works by putting images on tape, and then putting the same images on a screen, playing them rapidly. As you can see, the technology is very primitive compared to a DVD. Nobody knows why VHS was ever used in the first place. We believe everyone just felt sorry for themselves, and tried to make an awesome device, but FAILED, so they only used it so they wouldn't feel like total losers.

The VHS can still be found today in museums, in garbage piles, and in REALLY old and/or pathetic people's houses. If you are interested in owning a VHS, then contact a mental doctor, because you obviously need your head checked out. In fact, go slam it into the wall a few times! GO! RIGHT NOW!


  • The VHS is very easy to smash or destroy. The DVD is actually easier to destroy, but only people in the future destroy them.
  • The VHS remains the lamest ancient technology ever used on this planet, though table manners are coming close.
  • VHS is often used for construction purposes now, as they are worth about as much as a brick.