WhatDothLife WhatDothLife 3 April 2012

Moar users

I think we need more users.....but how can we advertise?

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WhatDothLife WhatDothLife 30 December 2010

Some new badges

We have 5 badges that can be received by "sharing" pages. (AKA advertising) Now, that might be quite useful, as we need more (active) users. There is just one problem: Most of them (if not all) are broken. However, i have only shared with Twitter so far, so other stuff like facebook might actually work. Here, some new badges are:

  • For sharing one link.
  • For getting one person to click on shared links.
  • For getting 5 people to click on shared links.

(In case you were wondering, there is a share button at the bottom of each page. If you don't know what page to share, or if you are lazy, just share the Main Page)

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WhatDothLife WhatDothLife 26 September 2010

The Game

This wiki great, but the Unmariowiki has one thing that we don't have: [Unanythingwiki:The Game|THIS!]

So i made an "The Game" on the Unanythingwiki! It still needs lotsa edits tough, so GO EDIT! Yay!

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WhatDothLife WhatDothLife 25 September 2010

I got an idea

What if we do a WANTED ARTICLE OF THE YEAR on december? Would that be a good idea? Leik, with these rules

  • Pages in the Undefeatable category may not enter.
  • Any page that won the Wanted article of the month for 2010 may enter.

Which means that the nominants are:

  • Dinner Blaster
  • Master Hand
  • Giygas
  • I.M. Meen
  • OVER 9000
  • Morshu
  • Annoying Orange
  • Malleo
  • Bombs
  • ?

I want YOUR opnion on this.

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WhatDothLife WhatDothLife 12 September 2010

Moar Badge info

If i counted correctly, we now have a total of 63 badges. 23 bronze, 22 silver, 17 gold and one unobtainable badge. (ignore it, we will remove it ASAP) This means that one can obtain an incredible total of 3280 badge points. O.o

There is a small suprise for people who manage to collect 1111 badge points! Good Luck! You will need it. (you also need a forum account)

  • NOTE:It used to be 1000, but lotsa badges were added, so i increased it a little bit. Muahahaahahaa.
  • ANOTHER NOTE:You don't have to earn any gold/hidden badges to get 1200 points.
  • YET ANOTHER NOTE:There is also one ULTIMATE PLATINUM BADGE, but that one is pretty much impossible to get. (it's worth 250 points)
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