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  • Thebiguglyalien

    Help! This is Agent Big Ugly Alien requesting assistance from other UnAnything Agents! The article stubs are closing in on our headquarters, please respond...

    Wow, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Anyways, I've been going through, tagging stubs, and we now have over 100 of them in the stubs category. I would like to ask anyone reading this to go in, and expand on these pages.

    Double them in size, triple them, I don't care. Just kill these stubs before they EAT US!

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  • Thebiguglyalien

    Page Expansion

    March 5, 2012 by Thebiguglyalien

    I've spent a while making new pages, but then I decided to stop for a second and think. "Why am I making so much new content, when there's so much that we already have that needs improving?". So, I've been working on improving pages. Examples can be seen at Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser.

    I was wondering if there were any priority pages that I can work on. I've been trying to hit the important ones, but I was wondering if anyone thinks there are other major pages that need a major expansion. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Thebiguglyalien

    Look at the title of this blog. Now, try to guess what it's about. If you guessed something along the lines of our insane jumble of categories, then you are correct!

    Whenever we make a new page, we generally try to fill it in with categories that fit the page (or, I do at least). But I have trouble with that. This is because we have so many categories, I can't decide what goes where, who's in what, and where to even start! Many of these categories are even duplicates of each other.

    So, now I have decided that I'm going in! I'm going to take the very scary journey of going through every last page and category, decide what should go, what should say. Admins: I am going to be tagging a lot of categories for deletion. I please ask that you review…

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  • Thebiguglyalien

    Map of the UnWorld

    October 29, 2011 by Thebiguglyalien

    I've done it! After an entire half an hour of work, I have created a rough idea of what a map of the UnWorld would look like! It contains all of the major locations of the UnWorld, and I searched through the UnAnything Wiki to figure out where they all got put. In other words, I looked at the Robotnik Wars article.

    Think it's accurate?

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  • Thebiguglyalien


    September 6, 2011 by Thebiguglyalien

    I have been on UnAnything for a while now. And it seems, I came in just as the admins were leaving. Me and another user (you'd better feel special) have been working on this place for a while since then. Now, if any of the admins here see this, I have a deal for you:

    You are obviously not active here anymore. If you're still active, great! Amazing! Wonderful! (More words of happiness)! But if not, then I think we need at least one active admin. I was thinking either Weirdowithcoffee or myself could do this.

    Even if you are still semi-active, it would help to have a full-time admin. So, the solution is simple. One of us two as a new admin. Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Or am I going to be ignored?

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