Hello everyone I'm MountWario, a newly appointed bureaucrat, here today to organize something.

What's been going on under our noses in the last few years is that every character's been getting too powerful for no reason AKA power creep, or they're practically undefeatable despite not being an Undefeatable. In this maintenance project, you should help by editing these articles so they're no longer what we call an OP Gary Stu character.

How do I know what an OP Gary Stu looks like?

Well I'm glad I wrote it so you asked! Examples speak louder than words, so I've restored the OP Gary Stu page Kamen Rider Decade (without history to keep the author anonymous) as to demonstrate all the telltale signs of what an OP Gary Stu looks like!

1. They're on the same level as Undefeatables or grounded powerful characters that aren't OP Gary Stus.

The article literally describes him as the "Second Coming of Thanos," without him having the things/experience of which made Thanos powerful. Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War Thanos goes through a journey to acquire all of the Infinity Stones one by one, and then proceed to kill half of everyone with those stones. In UnAnything, Thanos acquires the Infinity Stones differently, however he's pretty much the same to his movie counterpart, with the only additions being the power to retcon stuff with the time stone, and added UnAnything kills. However just like in the movies, he's deceased. All in reality that makes Thanos able to destroy are the Infinity Stones, Kamen Rider Decade doesn't have anything that gives him that kind of destructive power, the only explanation is he formed an alliance with other people who don't have that power to destroy everything except for another OP Gary Stu. Kamen Rider Decade has just always been powerful by association, he needs to earn it.

2. They have killed an undefeatable without a strategy, or destroyed something massive without any tools or equipment.

It takes a lot to kill any Undefeatable, even the lower council. So it's really out of place when Kamen Rider Decade just became "eventually able" to kill Silhouette. Not with a plan, not with finding out who Silhouette is a silhouette of and killing him or anything clever like that. Kamen Rider Decade also just destroys worlds without any explanation. No death star, no super bomb, and the only means of doing so is getting another OP Gary Stu to do it.

3. They have no limits to their power.

Again, Kamen Rider Decade can just destroy everything with nothing stopping him.

Telltale signs for if someone's NOT an OP Gary Stu

It may be easy to go willy-nilly nerfing everyone to Melee levels of Kirby, however there are instances where the original should be kept

1. Generally none of the stuff in the above that makes them an OP Gary Stu applies.

Self explanitory.

2. They're powers are linked to the source material.

For example, G-Man's powers all are directly from Half-Life and it's expansions, and are limited to fit in UnAnything (e.g. can't really put an Undefeatable into stasis.) He continues to generally be an overseer, putting people into stasis so they can fulfill his interests, but is still a "ghost" who can't interact with the world. Why can he do what he does? It's never explained in Half-Life. But he still has unknown employers, and that's all that really matters. Again read about Thanos,

Closing Words

Now that you know what an OP Gary Stu looks like, time to start editing! If you know a page is salvageable but you don't know how to save it, just add the template Template:GaryHelp. It takes time to fix what's there, and we're not in a hurry to complete this maintenance project Also to note, if being an OP Gary Stu is all that they are like the example Kamen Rider Decade, feel free to delete the page, or add the deletion template. It's not worth saving every page and some are better off with rewrites. I have secret a secret reward to all people who help out, so what are you waiting for? Start editing!

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