On June 4, 2018, Azure was bored and decided to go to Multiverse No. 666, the home of Giygas. Azure summoned four of his minions to defend him from the True Form of Giygas' Attack, but they just ran around and screwed stuff up. Some of the stuff they screwed up included the fabric of the UnOmniverse, causing the UnSpaceTimeContinuum to mess itself up. NaN was enraged and teleported to Multiverse 666 to locate the cause of the disruption. She immediately fired a glitch lazer at Azure, causing him to be removed from the timestream. This allowed the UnSpaceTimeContinuum to repair itself, but Azure's minions were still there. They were all now temporal anomalies, which, if left alone, would eventually cause the fabric of the UnOmniverse to melt away. So Captain 0 used his Billy Mays Big City Retcon Station to get rid of Azure's minions. The only thing left was Multiverse No. 41, or the "Azuriverse", which was still a threat to omniversal stability. Until it divided by zero and retconned itself.

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