• A-canon is Admin Canon; any statements by an admin (at this point, Tenth) or a former admin (at this point, me).
  • E-canon is English Canon; the canon level comprising the English UnAnything wiki.
  • M-canon is Multilingual Canon; the canon level comprising the non-English UnAnything wikis (at this point, a French Referata site with a meager 8 articles).
  • W-canon is Wikia Canon; once I've gotten the English wiki off of Wikia and onto Referata, Wikia probably won't delete the old wiki. Because of this, I've created a level of canon for the Wikia site post-move, in case it attracts a new community.
  • C-canon is Continuity Canon, consisting of any future wikis spun off from UnAnything.
  • S-canon is Secondary Canon; this consists of various other wikis (including UnMario, Wackypedia, Harkipedia, Kittencyclopedia, and Mirror!Uncyclopedia). These materials are available to be used or ignored as needed by UnAnything users. This includes mostly other wikis that have been edited by CatPeople and/or wikis linked from this one.
  • N-canon is Non-Canon. What-if stories and anything else directly and irreconcilably contradicted by higher canon ends up here. N is the only level that is not considered canon. Information removed from the wiki falls into this category as well, unless another canonical work references it and it is declared canon.
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