It either wouldn't exist, or it would be in the same state as Wackypedia or Weegeepedia.

  • Around June of 2016, I was seriously thinking about deleting the wiki (I had admin back then). Fortunately, I thought better after the VSTF blocked me.
  • Around late 2015, I was trying to make the rules stricter. The only remnants of this era are the maintenance templates and a few pages in the "Project" namespace.
  • Even if I didn't delete the wiki or increase the number of rules, the wiki would probably be stuck in early 2016, as Tenth would probably be blocked.
  • And, last but not least, if I was still admin, if I somehow became a bureaucrat, and I still acted the way I did when I was admin, I'd probably have given admin rights to some noob (like Superanium) and let him mess UnAnything up while I edited some logo-related wiki, like the Weegeepedia admins did with Weesee.
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