i know it might not seem like alot to the veterans still using this wiki, but i've finally reached 1000 edits! the first time on any wiki i've ever used.

ever since getting banned on weegeepedia i've been hopping around from wiki to wiki to find a new wiki to dub my primary one and after the whole fiasco with the backrooms wiki thought i wouldn't be able to find one, but nope, here i am! ammasing 1000 edits and being the head of a whopping 4 storylines while heing a major helper on an extra 2! one of my pages has even become wanted and my articles frquently reach the trending section of the categories they're in!

Dio Brando being the best example of this, while most people are fans of my Dio page i must admit i beleive Bulk Bogan is my crowning writing achievement, still geting minor additions from time to time but primarily remaining finished,

special thanks to the new "friends", i guess you could say, i've made here! including: Createegee, ThiccestThor, Arch, Kammie (who i primarly speak to on DA), and MountWario!

semi-"friends" i guess include: DaTenthGate, and CG007! i can't wait to see what the future has in store for this amazing collaborative project!

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