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CrazyMew37 CrazyMew37 24 April 2019

We Need to make Episodes for UTS

Now, a Few Months ago, I made a Page called UnAnything: The Series. It was a Page where anyone could make an Episode involving with the Characters of UnAnything Wiki, and I just wanna say that only 2 of the Episodes in the Series were Made. If you wanna know, they are We Quit! and Revenge of the Frost Dimension's False Ruler. They are both Series Premieres, and that's not very good looking for the Series in general. So, I'm here asking if you can go make a Page for one of the Red Linked Episodes on the page. If you wanna know the Rules, all you gotta do is go by the Plot of the Episode. I may Help on this problem too. Anyhow, I hope we could be able to make some more Episodes of this Series! Ciao!

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