Ok, so remember Vesta's "War in Heaven" blog post? It seems pretty clear to me that Vesta is inactive and the War in Heaven will never become a thing (This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito). So that is why I made my own version, the Ancient All-Out War. However, rather than the usual "Chuckist vs rebels" thing, this will be a battle of order versus chaos, with a third evil side thrown in. You can request your own original characters to be added here, and also suggest non-original characters, which will be considered. The only requirement is that they must be at least 72 million years old, but most characters are chronologically immortal so it shouldn't be an issue. Note that chances are I'll edit the actual page instead of this post. Have fun!

The Good

The Chaotic

The Evil

Any Side (You don't care what side they're on so I choose) 

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