Let's cut the crap and just get into it.

The first thing I want to talk about is Wanted articles. So far, only DaTenthGate seems to get to choose what page can be a Wanted article, and I think that's kinda dumb. Pages like Kanna Kamui, Tsunami, and Elma have been candidates for months now. With the exception of Kanna Kamui (likely bc of the Ugandan Knuckles connection), we can clearly see no one is gonna choose them to be a Wanted article. In fact, at least half of the candidates are rather poor choices when Unanything has like at at least 100 articles that could be better candidates. So do I have a better idea? In fact, I do. At the end of every month, an admin makes a blog post where any user can select any article to be a candidate. The mods then decide among these to be the next candidates. I think a lot of users would be made happy from this. If DaTenthGate so happens to see this, I really hope that you can consider what I've said here. 

Regarding the Undefeatables, I honestly think the admins have too much power over this, too. About the only Undefeatable I know that wasn't created by a mod is Shaggy Rogers. That's not exactly fair to many people. I'm not saying that anyone should be able to add Undefeatables at their whim, because they shouldn't. So, here is another idea of mine. Anyone can create a blog post on a character they think should be Undefeatable, and provide several reasons as to why. The mods can accept or reject the submission from there. Also, they cannot be beatable by anyone under their power. They're called Undefeatables for a reason.

A  few mods or admins might be angered by this post, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it's deleted on the spot. But I don't have that kind of intention in this. Rather, this was merely to provide suggestions to the guys who run the site so it can be enjoyable for everyone. To those who agree with me, let's make UnAnything great again.

Also, I find it pretty funny that the Upper Counsel of Undefeatables can be edited by anyone, but not the Lower Counsel.

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