By now, you've probably seen my article on Crimson, the most evil eye in the UnHyperverse. Well, I've got something new planned. Something very, very big...

The Onslaught of Crimson, where the Four Bringers of the Apocalypse's next target is the UnOmniverse, will basically be a massive culmination of almost every single plotline UnAnything has to offer.

Spoilers: in the end, Crimson indeed loses, and all the damage is (somehow) reversed, but he comes dangerously close to achieving his goal. Pretty much everyone has to team up to bring down the combined forces of Crimson, Hastur, Lythronax, and whoever I'm deciding War will be, and their own army. The big guys don't get involved until near the end because Crimson is smart enough to know not to incite their wrath.

It'll be ground-breaking, something that could possibly change UnAnything forever. A lot of guys will play at least a small part in it, and I'm pretty excited to bring it to life. 

Tell me your thoughts on this, and if so, any suggestions you might want to play a part in the defense against the ultimate evil.

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