This guy's page is the troll's local resting ground. Quick, Gangnam Style or cast Frotz before he hypnotizes the internet!!!

I don't give out Sysop or Bureaucrat rights. If you want Sysop then talk to Mr.Guy. If you want rollback then you can leave a message on my talk page.

About me

This is my user page. I should edit this page to tell the community about myself.................

Cquote1 TAKE THAT you one-eyed bloody fat jiggly whopping pickle-headed two-faced backstabbing mutant bastard Cquote2
The Sniper

Why hello there stranger. My favorite pages:


  • Make goals. -DONE
  • Get 100 edits. -DONE
  • Get 300 edits -DONE
  • Get 1000 edits -DONE
  • Get 2500 edits -
  • Get 30 badges -DONE
  • Get 1500 badge points -
  • Turn of that D*mned rich rext editor -DONE
    Owl City -

    Owl City -


Gotta do something with this:

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