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Hello my friend, welcome to my profile!

Contents: About MeMy InterestsHelp Me PleesPages I’ve MadeOther Stuff

me but as an egg, The.

My current profile picture.

Full name: SuccessfullyBroiledToasted-bread
Sexuality: Idubbbzhead.png
Hair color: Ginger
Eye color: Broon
Age: Young of life
UnBirthday: 29th of November
Species: Ginger
Weight: Fat
Home: England
Alive or Dead?: Alive (possibly)
Likes: The stuff in this cool list! 😎😎😎
Dislikes: The stuff in this also cool list! 😎😎😎
Occupation: Being Cool
Religion: Monkey
Powers: Big PP Energy
Alignment: Administrator
UnRank: 69420999999

Who art this sad loser known as WellFiredToast?

" Skelly Left.gifSkelly Left.gifSkelly Left.gifSkelly Left.gif "
I am the sad loser known as WellFiredToast! I am the night-shift administrator on the UnAnything Wiki, (my timezone is very different to that of the other admins) and I am here to delete your pages! (Though if you want to know why I may have deleted one of your pages, just ask and I’ll give a genuine reason)
I have come (hahaha) to share great knowledges and wisdoms with the world and UnWorld in the name of the mostmighty Nigel.

Me when Dream uploads Minecraft Manhunt episode 29585839

Have some fun facts about me:

  • I cum from the United States of England, UK.
  • I also do some juicy editing on the Tribangle Wiki and Trollpasta Wiki.
  • I used to be known as GNE0001 but then I became not known as GNE0001. Ain’t that wacky?
  • I’m madly in love with the sweetest boyfriend in the world. 🥰
  • I can play le drûm.

What doth thou liketh, good Toast?

Stuff I like - very much.

Stuff I HATE.

  • Neckbeard.
  • People who break Da Rools.
  • Spazmatism from Terraria. 😤
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Can’st thou do my homework? The dog hath eaten mine own.

I cannot do your homework, but I can help you do stuff on the Wiki. If you need help with editing, I recommend going to the UnAnything Guide or the big help pages at FANDOM community central. However, if you want help from me or you want to ask l’questions, then go forth to my message wall - I may sometimes take a while to respond, but I’m usually active.

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Show me the finest of thy creations!

These are the nice pages I’ve made. Jvbrhdjswwn.

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Moar Thnigs

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I started one of these on the Tribangle Wiki, but I wanted to do one here too. Anybody can edit. At this point, I think this has descended into Mario fanfiction.

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[Show/Hide Story]

Chapter I - Prologue

One day, Mario was walking in to a mushroom bar, but a satanic symbol appeared and Waluigi jumped out of the fiery pits of Hell. Waluigi then took him back to the fiery pits of hell, and then tried kissing him. Mario slapped him, and said "ARE YOU-A CRAZY IN-A THE HEAD?" And Waluigi replied "wah!".

Mario then BLJ'd out of hell faster than the Road Runner. Coincidentally enough, he saw the Road Runner runnin' around. He said "Meep, meep!" and Mario went on his back like Mario would on Yoshi. Oh, the days... Mario then ran off, and proceeded to BLJ while WAHOO'ing and whilst doing so combining his speed with that of the Road Runner to create a faster than light express.

Mario then stopped at The Town with No Name. He didn't know how, but he was there. This starts..

Chapter II - The Town With No Name

Mario immediately went into the Town with absolute disgust. He saw some really ugly people; and shot them. However, he had the mistake of shooting the local priest.. none other than, his brother. Absolutely horrified at this sight that his brother had sided with these ugly people and had turned into so himself.

Horrified, he ran away from the Town, disgusted and angered that he had killed his brother, and that it was all the ugly people's fault. However, it was secretly all part of a ploy to drive Mario away. Luigi was secretly not dead all along..

And so this story descended into sadness as Mario kept drinking and drinking, so far to the point of reaching farther than the limits beyond comprehension after drinking 1 googolplex's worth of beer.. in ONE DAY.

Our Mario had a heart attack, however, and was rushed into the hospital. Whilst recovering, Mario decided to have an adventurer's life.. to save the princess.

Chapter III - All Over Again

Mario woke up to find a Movie Yoshi standing over his hospital bed. "Weegee has kidnapped the princess!" it said, eyes wide as the knife it was holding. Mario was threatened by the Movie Yoshi; he needed to save the princess, and real fast! He ventured off, crawling slowly off his hospital bed to save the princess.

Once he had regained control of his legs, he ventured on a quest to step on the Goombas and Koopa Troopas set up by Weegee. Cliché, right? WRONG! Mario did not know that he had ventured into 1985 again, suddenly after his horrible heart attack. Was he dead and reliving his life?

He had reached the first boss; his very own shadow. Not really his actual shadow, but a warped version of his true self. Mario wasn't trying to save the princess; he was trying to save his sanity.

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This is my notebook so I don't forget stuff.

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Chronicles Tracklisting

  • 🔴 - Unfinished
  • 🟠 - Nearly Finished
  • 🟢 - Finished (except for final recording)
  • 🔵 - Final Recordings done
  1. Sun-Dried Teenager 🔴
  2. Chronicles of the Wasted Toilet Bowl 🔵
  3. Hip of Steel 🟢
  4. Eat Die 🔴
  5. Flat Biscuit 🟢
  6. Rocc Musoc 🟢
  7. Rotten Stump 🔴
  8. Dragon Dysnus 🟠
  9. (Power Ballad) 🔴

(predicted run time - ~30 minutes)

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