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Undefeatable Admin
  • I live in a dumpster
  • My occupation is Hobo
  • I am Your Worst Nightmare
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Look... Mars has a funny face on it!

Gender: Awesome
Hair color: Sexy
Eye color: Sexier
Species: 50% Martian
50% Human
Home: Mars
Death: Died due to implosion of awesomeness!
AKA: BUA, Alien
Likes: World Domination, Power, Money, UnAnything Wiki
Dislikes: Captain 1, n00bs
Education: Doctor of Awesomeness at Awesome University
Occupation: Ruler of the World, UnAnything Editor
Known For: Bringing UnAnything to Fame and Glory
UnRank: OVER 900000000

Greetings people of Earth, Mars, and beyond! I am THEBIGUGLYALIEN! I am not big or ugly, and I assure you, I am from Earth. However, you are to refer to me as a big ugly alien as long as you shall live.


I was not supposed to be born. One of my parents was a human, the other was a martian. This was never supposed to happen. But it did, and now I am here. I was born in the implosion of a sun during the 1000th official meeting of the Undefeatables while all the planets were aligned. And on top of that, I am the best of humans and martians. So yeah, you could say I'm awesome.

I was raised on Mars and taught the ways of the Martians. I attended Mars University for two years and got a degree in badassary. Deciding it wasn't enough, I came here to Earth so I could attend Awesome University. It is there that I become a doctor of awesomeness. I have since traveled all throughout the corners of my parent's basement, trying to find where the best internet reception is. I may never find out...


If you are reading this, I would like to inform you that I stole twenty dollars out of your wallet while you weren't looking. If you want it back, then you're going to have to ask VERY nicely. Or just beat me up and take it. That works too.

Note 2

I am currently top of the leaderboard because all of the N00bs here are too scared to try and beat me.

Quote of the Day:

Cquote1 My light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation is currently being energized! Cquote2

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