aka His Majesty

  • I live in Soviet Russia
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is Deleting pages
  • I am Hydrogen


Hi, new user or active one. Welcome to the home of Mighty TheLohoped the Evil Administartor.

About Me

I'm the evil mastermind who creates pages here.

I'm also an admin here. If you need to ask a question - fell free to ask me (but don't forget to bring oxygen).

To do list (For me)

  • Finish that goddamn Dead Lucas article - Done
  • Create some navigation templates
  • Create articles for Game Boi shames
  • Look at the poster on the left - Done
  • Print more UnDollars
  • Create some pages for countries
  • Clean up all of 9000 categories (there should be only 1000 of them)
  • Learn English
  • ...
  • NO PROFIT (we are poor guys)!


My Sandbox (Touching this is illegal, you know!!!)

My pages list

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