• I live in Somewhere in SoCal
  • I was born on August 20
  • My occupation is Being a senior, prepping for graduation. WOOHOO
  • I am Transgender...jk

Hi everybody, I'm Steve and I have an avid interest for all the amazing, hilarious, and awesome pages this wiki offers! I found this wiki through IMacG4articles' favorite wikis while I was contributing to the hypothetical hurricanes wiki, since he's also on the HHW. I think this is a really interesting and cool wiki, but unfortunately, I've lost a bit of interest in this wiki due to lack of activity here.

List of pages I made so far:

Current schedule and status

Schedule: School days (most weekdays): 3:00 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT) (non-constant)
Weekends/holidays: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (PDT) (non-constant)

Status Scale:

Very Active (Purple): I edit and comment multiple times a day and actively help everywhere around the wiki. I would also be available anytime I don't have school, am on a family trip/vacation, or am sleeping.
Active (Green): I edit and comment every day or at least a few times a week, but I won't be available at all times. This could be because I'm busy on other sites too or some other factor like school events or family issues prevents me from being "Very Active". This is only given if I have no plans for retirement or am not losing interest yet.
Endangered (Yellow): Real life events or being on other sites will prohibit me from really editing this wiki that much, and I would only edit anywhere from just a tad bit more inactive than the "active" stage to only about once every couple months at most inactive. On this scale, I don't really pay attention to the wiki as much as I did when I first joined because of either losing interest or too much stuff off-wiki. This could eventually turn into a semi-retirement, retirement, or even completely dead if off-wiki becomes more and more busy, which is why I'm "endangered".
Semi-retired (Dark orange): I am literally getting very inactive on this wiki, editing anywhere from almost as active as the "active" stage to editing only once every few months. This rating is only given if I am losing interest on this wiki or am getting too busy off-wiki, and not if recovering from the "retired" stage. A "semi-retired" rating given if I meet qualifications for the "active" stage is just because I am losing interest but I can't quite let go of this wiki yet, or I don't have much other sites I'm active on even though I'm losing interest. On the other hand, if I edit only once every few months and have this rating, I'm losing interest and I am also extremely busy off wiki. If that's the case, the rating could directly drop to "completely dead" soon. Semi-retirement is similar to "endangered" except current trends would very likely lead to retirement or completely dead, while "endangered" has a likely chance of recovering.
Retired (Dark red): I've lost all interest in this wiki or am way too busy off-wiki, but I do still edit rarely, about once a month or less often. This is similar to "completely dead" except I still occasionally visit, but I still visit because it's hard to let go completely. At this point, it could change to "completely dead" very soon, but there's also a really tiny chance I could recover and be directly upgraded to "Endangered" or even "Active". That's very unlikely though (only <1% chance), so just assume if I have this rating I'm basically done with this wiki.
Completely Dead (Black): I am absolutely done with this wiki and don't visit any more. I don't edit anymore, so if I have this rating, I may never return. This is also called "absolute retirement".



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