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Level: 233 Guy
Status: Sorta got the sniffles.

Hello there fellow user or lurker! I am Mr. Guy, self-appointed king of procrastination (I procrastinate by lurking elsewhere). Also self-proclaimed veteran lurking thanks to doing so in procrastination. I'm so good at it I see guys on one side of the internet on another side of the internet, but don't beware- I'm harmless. Well, as long as you don't bother me.

I lead UnMario for nearly three years, but I left them in January of 2010. Ever since Javilus left here I'm pretty much a superintendent of this wiki.

This Mr. Guy is unaffiliated with any of those many other "Mr. Guys" on the Internet. I've used this name at a couple other sites, though.

You can read more about me here.

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Epic Sax Guy 10 hour edition

Epic Sax Guy 10 hour edition

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Note: I do not have an account there, so I'll remember them through here. Some of the users might be somewhat offensive to some people or have mildly naughty art, but they're my interests.

  • whynne - There's more to him than "troll face" (cool face).
  • 3 Angled Blue - Cool guy. Presumed dead.


More centered more around flash content (games and animations) than the above.


Includes tumblr pages.


Just keeping these here for later, if I ever need them for whatever reason i.e. security, storage, and fancy desktop crap.


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