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Corridor - Persona 4 (Extended - 15 Minutes)

Corridor - Persona 4 (Extended - 15 Minutes)

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Full name: Mount "WaNess" Wario
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Alive or Dead?: Survived the Wikia mass logout.
AKA: It's a stone Ruigi, RestingTea#0312 on Discord
Likes: Grapefruit Juice
Religion: Waligion
Powers: Deleting any articles that are UnNeeded!

Welcome to Wario World!

Pages that I have created: New Pork City, Morgana, Jack Frost, The Joker, Ruigi, Ten Wacommandments, Wajail, Waligion, Negative Zone Machine, Eviler Bowsette, April Fools', Black Frost, Fake Igor. Cadbury, King Frost, Frost Dimension, Mementos, Waligion Shrine, Mr. Coffee, WaJack Frost, WaWaJack Frost, WaBlack Frost, WaWaWaJack Frost, The Frost Dimension part of The Game, Kinopio-Kun, Wa^4Jack Frost, King K. Rool, UnAnything Wiki:What to do if you see a bad article, Revenge of the Frost Dimension's False Ruler, Joker, Mr. Game & Watch, WaNess, Dead WaNess, Hershey's, Android, Frost Dimension War, Teddie, Cadbury Prison Jail Factory Magatsu-Dio Brando, Cool Cool Mountain, Peppino, Noise, Noids' Hideout, Mikoid, PIZZA Delivery SHAME, Tony, Ganondorf, 20 Sided Dice

About me

Hello I'm a person who uses the UnAnything Wiki! I sometimes create articles on whatever is on my mind at the moment. My advice to you is to find already existing pages and put those in instead of making red links. Because when you document something, you have to document everything relating to that, and the less redlinks you have the better the page overall looks, especially if it's something important.

10% Noid Pages progress


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Igor I am one of the guys who casted reckoning to the candidates for deletion!

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Future pages to make

Dead WaNinten, Dead WaLucas, Mumkey Jones, Christianity, WaNegative Zone Machine, Snowman's Land, Spy Crabs, a bunch of Noid stuff need to remember the name Mikoid The Animation: Episode 1 - Mikoid Blasts The Pizza Boxes With The Power of Singing, Ganon's Castle, Ganon and his minions, Wine, Jigglypuff

Future Pages that don't need to be made right now

Wa^5Jack Frost, Wa^6Jack Frost, Wa^7Jack Frost, RUN LIKE PEPPINO



Gallery of Pictures I made or slightly edited

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Templates I have created

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I'm about to be sucked up by the King K. Rool Cannon!

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