The face of evil itself

Sub-Basement Cat is the ultimate evil behind everything, and exists only to make every other living being suffer. Sub-Basement Cat is capable of ending the world as we know it. The UnUniverse could be completely destroyed by Sub-Basement Cat. The only thing stopping Sub-Basement Cat from ending the UnUniverse is the popularity of the Lolcat meme. The less popular the meme is, the more powerful Sub-Basement Cat becomes. Sub-Basement Cat was almost completely hidden from us until "MLG" memes started popping up around 2011. With the arrival of the Lit Age, Sub-Basement Cat became a well-known threat to the UnMultiverse, although recent developments along with its defeat have resulted in its reimprisonment.


Sub-Basement Cat appeared long before time itself and spent all of its time causing death, suffering, and terror. Many have suffered because of Sub-Basement Cat, and he will show no mercy if the UnUniverse was ever to fall into his grasp. Until 2011, he was almost entirely unknown, sealed away in the eternal blackness of Heat Death.

Enter 2016. Dozens of crappy ":100: :joy: :fire: :ok_hand:" cults sprang up across the UnUniverse, their goal to summon Sub-Basement Cat from the infinities of time. It worked. Sub-Basement Cat appeared in the exact center of Los Angeles, United States of UnAmerica. He destroyed the entire city in mere seconds, killing almost 20 million. Of course, this was not tolerated, so Chuck Norris himself took action. He flew down from Undefeatable Palace at over one googol times the speed of light, feet outstretched for the perfect Roundhouse Kick. What remained of the city was annihilated an explosion that took out a good portion of UnAmerica and Mexico, causing damage the world over. As superheated plasma rocketed into space, causing aurorae visible across the planet, the entire UnUniverse watching, the impossible happened.

Sub-Basement Cat recieves a beating.

Sub-Basement Cat emerged.

Sub-Basement Cat had literally withstood the strongest force in the UnUniverse, albeit wounded.

Chuck would not let this stand. Sifting through reality, he summoned the Deity Cats and their children. Before Sub-Basement could lift a paw, he was smitten into the ninth circle of Hell permanently.

One day later, Bob Saget crashed through the roof of Undefeatable Palace, directly into the center of the room where the Battle of Undefeatable Palace took place. He managed to gibber to a horrorstruck Norris that a positively monstrous being had slain Sub-Basement Cat with a single blow to the neck. Thus began the saga of Ajit Pai and Undefeatable War No. e...


There is next to no information about Sub-Basement Cat, but what does remain states that he has power equal to Ceiling Cat himself. There is little to nothing you can do if Sub-Basement Cat wants to destroy you. Legends say he was the one who created Meganeura.


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