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My own personal flag, inspired by the various pride flags. (I have had an interest in vexillology since long before I came out, however.)

I think that stuff like "down with cis" or "kill all men" is offensive, because it reminds me of the Nazis (e.g. "Down with Zionism! Kill all Jews!")

Forcing your kids to be trans or a non-M/F gender is bad parenting.

Lumping transgenders (whether or not they have transitioned or plan to transition), intersex, and people who identify as non-M/F into the "LGBTTQQIAAP" umbrella is stupid. It would be better to just have separate "LGBA" (lesbian/gay/bi/asexual) and "TNT" (transgender/non-binary/third-gender) movements.

I am against both the Alt-Right and Antifa, because they make the entire political spectrum look bad.

I also think that terms like "Latinx" and "Filipinx" are dumb and are (respectively) Spanglish and Taglish. To give an comparison: in Quebec French, "canadien-français" and "canadienne-français" are fine, but "canadienx-français" would probably offend a lot of people and piss off the OQLF (language police).

Medley of DMPMV (Alternate Medley of YTPMV)

This is "Medley of YTPMV" in an AU where the WWW and HTTP infrastructure was developed in Japan and France instead of the US and Switzerland; therefore, modern internet culture is more Japanese-based, memes live for an indefinite period of time, and Dailymotion (in this universe, owned by Yahoo, which is owned by Softbank) is the dominant video-sharing platform.

  • Song 1: Two-Faced Lovers (starts off the same as OTL)
  • Song 2: Hamster Dance (ditto)
  • Song 3: FamilyMart Entrance (At this point, it becomes mostly the same as "MAD Medley".)
  • Song 4: Gourmet Race
  • Song 5: Ievan Polka
  • Song 6: Mayim Mayim
  • Song 7: Evans (This is TTL's equivalent to "Shuric Scan": it's been veg-replaced to Hell and back, and that's why no actual DMPMVer uses it anymore.)
  • Song 8: Hammer Theme (transitions into...)
  • Song 9: Chilled Rainbow (or "Raindows")
  • Song 10: Sky High
  • Song 11: Here We Go! (SMW overworld theme)
  • Song 12: Cheetahmen Theme
  • Song 13: Sand Canyon
  • Song 14: Marisa Stole the Precious Thing (TTL's "MAD Medley" skips "Disappearance of Hatsune Miku", so this doesn't include it, either)
  • Song 15: Gacha Gacha Cute
  • Song 16: Konayuki (end of MAD Medley part)
  • Song 17: Louder and Prouder (Non-Elektro)
  • Song 18: Louder and Prouder (Elektro)
  • Song 19: UN Owen Was Her (for a while, it's almost the same as OTL Medley of YTPMV)
  • Song 20: Native Faith
  • Song 21: Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom
  • Song 22: Goldenrod City
  • Song 23 and 24: Second Heaven/Red Zone (combined like in "MAD Medley", which in TTL, this is meant to be an extended version of)
  • Song 25: Mr. Clean Jingle (This is a meme in TTL. Don't ask.)
  • Song 26: Kimono Princess
  • Song 27: Circus Galop (TTL's equivalent to Can Can)
  • Song 28: Moskau Moskau (beginning of YTMND-inspired part)
  • Song 29: IN SOVIET RUSSIA, CAT BURNS YOU! (or "Soviet NEDM")
  • Song 30: Golden Age (or "OMG, Internet") (end of YTMND-inspired part; this is TTL's "LOL, Internet" music)
  • Song 31: Music using only sounds from Windows 95 and XP (last song before credits)
  • Credits music: Series of Tubes Remix (the part in the background)

I like...

  • LOLcats
  • UnAnything
  • Using MediaWiki
  • Old YTPs
  • Non-.veg replace YTPMVs


  • Wikia Staff
  • VSTF
  • Wikia (the website as a whole)

I hate...

  • Long-term abusers and other vandals/trolls (especially Caidin-Johnson and Jhmarioman)
  • .veg replace YTPMVs


Instructions unclear, got girld*ck stuck in ceiling fan.

Kisekae codes

  • Kamafa:


Future usernames

I hope I'll never have to use these.

  • Styrofoamisnotmadefromkittens
  • Arlene Fuchs Katz
  • K0zbymv0tliv9ytkat
  • RedeKamafa
  • KayEmEf021469
  • KheyEhmEhf
  • KittenInCloset
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