• I live in Taylahaysee
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is EEEEE
  • I am Male

This user was banned for pointless vandalism and spamming his piss fetish everywhere. He now runs an army of socks that has vandalized the UnAnything, UnMario, and RandomNess wikis and created several other wikis that steal pages from UnAnything (many of these wikis have inappropriate names like "Pants Down Homer" and "Yumi From Ape Escape Pooping"). Some of these UnAnything ripoffs contain images of Sonic OC R34 and actual CHILD PORN. The VSTF (but probably not the actual Wikia Staff) is defending him, and banned User:KATMAKROFAN (one of CatPeople's alts) for asking one of the aforementioned socks to stop stealing images of certain Fakegees from UnAnything.

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