Hyperealistic Gaben

aka Kerchoo

  • I live in In the realm of cringe
  • My occupation is Playing Five Nights at Fidget Spinner's at 3 am while calling the boss baby (Proof on link below or something)
  • I am cringe

Me when playing my own game

Gender: Male
Hair color: I probably have yellow fur
Eye color: Sonic.EXE eyes
Species: Circle
Home: My game
Death: Didn't save a child
AKA: Pac-Man rip-off
Likes: Eating children after saving them
Dislikes: Not eating
Education: He only knows how to do coding
Occupation: Eating children and walking
Known For: Eating Count Blackula's spaceship
UnRank: 999,999,999,999,999
Promotion: Becoming Pea-Guy

HULLO <insert name here>

Welcome to my profile. You can of course meet me at the Mixels wiki. This userpage is WIP tho

Pages I Need To Make

Plz don't add in these pages. I'm the one who's trying to make em'.

Edit Goals

  • Make 250 edits.
  • Make 500 edits.
  • Make 1000 edits.
  • Make 2500 edits.
  • Make 5000 edits.
  • Make 10000 edits.
  • Idk

Random Stuff

Edit Count

  • 107,442
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