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Hai i'm a blue cat with headphones known as Berry, cuz' why not. I am a member of this wiki too.

" MOO! "
  —-Berry's Catchphrase

Berry the Mew
Thumb 7ea85729-5c0c-427b-a5d4-4404a28c56ae.png
Gender: Male
Hair color: Microscopic
Eye color: Black
Species: Shiny Mew
Home: A Cave
Death: Not dead...yet.
AKA: CrazyMew37
Likes: Pokemon
Dislikes: Trainers
Education: None
Occupation: UnAnything User and Content Mod
Known For: Moo.
UnRank: 37^2

Berry is some ol' Mew that likes his laptop.


Berry is a Mew who appeared out of Nothing in the UnOmniverse. A Guy thought he was a Cat, so he tried to keep him as a pet cat, but then Berry blasted him with his Bass Boosted Headphones, so he stole his laptop and flew to a random cave in Japan. He also decided to enslave some Pokemon Trainers that he calls 'Red and Friends', as other names wouldn't make any sense in real life. As of March 6, 2021, he was recently promoted in the UnAnything Team to Content Moderatior.


  • All TMs of a normal Mew.
  • A Ban Hammer that only effects Miis and Cogs.


  • Berry can be very mean, so BEWARE!!!
  • This Song here is the Song that Berry uses with his BASS BOOSTED Headphones Attack. The Video here shows the sound of his headphones if used on Somebody. You might get jumpscared from the volume, and your ears will go out, so hear at your own risk!

Berry's Bass Boosted Headphones Song-0

Majorish Stuff I Made

To Do List

  • Overhaul the Pages for Kris, Kat and Ana, and Eevee as a part of Operation WARPED SPEED.
  • Make Pages for Ethan, Kris, and Lyra.
  • The Shaggy Arc will be a part of UnAnything: The Series, as a small series of episodes involving the mystery gang of The Shaggy Connection.