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  • I live in A Cave
  • My occupation is A lazy Pokemon that is always on the Computer
  • I am Genderless.
  • Bio Hi.
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Hai, I'm a blue cat with headphones known as Berry, cuz' why not. I am a member of this wiki too.

Cquote1 MOO! Cquote2
-Berry's Catchphrase
Cheren Berry 'the Mew'
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What Berry looks like in his head.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black (Normal), Microscopic (High)
Eye color: Blue (Normal), Black (High)
Species: Human/Shiny Mew
Home: Nuvema Town
Death: Not dead...yet.
AKA: CrazyMew37
Likes: Ketamine, His Normal-Type Pokémon, Learning about Pokemon
Dislikes: Trainers, His Friends
Education: Everything about Pokemon
Occupation: Gym Leader
Known For: Being the Asperita City Gym Leader.
UnRank: 37 (Current)
151 (Original)

Berry (AKA Cheren) is a guy who takes Ketamine every day.


Cheren was a teenager who lives in Unova has been pretty successful in life. He got all 8 Gym Badges of Unova, became a Gym Leader himself, he knows everything about Pokemon and a lot more useless things. One day, he decided to have some Wine, but he found a White Powder and decided to mix it up with his Wine. He then 'turned' into a Mew (Nothing actually happened to him), and now takes the name of Berry. After that night, he took more of that Wine-Ketamine mix, and now he is a shadow of his former self.


When Cheren was still a good man, he was called 'The one who seeks the right path'. He knows every single thing about Pokemon and tells others advice about it. He can be impatient, but he likes ideals or something. ONTO HIS PRESENT SELF!

When he started taking drugs, he now thought that he was a Cat, and decided to act like one as well. Examples are him climbing on trees, disliking water, and licking himself. The majority of People think that he went insane for some reason, and he even stayed in an insane asylum 7 times. He was fired from being a Gym Leader, so now he roams the streets of Unova, messing around and such.


  • He had three friends, Hilbert, Hilda, and Bianca, but he killed them while he was high on Ketamine.
  • He hates people who call him Cheren.
  • Because Berry thinks he is a Mew, he is extremely scared of Pokemon Trainers.
  • His original UnRank was 151, but he was demoted to UnRank 37 when the Undefeatables saw on what he became.
  • He ate his Normal-Type Pokemon for lunch in 2012, in front of OVER 9000 Humans.

Majorish Stuff I Made

Things I'm Planning to Make

  • The Shaggy Arc: An Event on the Wiki that will involve all of the characters in the Shaggy Connection. More on it later.
  • Dusk: The Twin Brother of Dawn.
  • Pokegods: Three Gods who've created the Pokemon World and Universe. (Arceus, Missingno., Eternal Floette)
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